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5 Ways to Wellbeing in lockdown

When we first went into lockdown I found it really hard. It was a big change from my normal routine and I struggled with that. But I'm kind of used to it now, and these are some of the things I have been doing to make me happy each day!

  • Eat some nice food. Especially at breakfast! I love anything sweet in the morning, one of my favourites is pancakes - any kind. One of the good things about not being able to leave home means having plenty of time to cook yummy things! These are oatmeal pancakes with banana and peanut butter topping (another of my favourites).

  • Go outside. I know this is harder for some that others - I am really lucky to live where I do - but just do what you can. It makes me miserable to sit indoors all day, even if it is raining I will still go out for a walk. You don't even have to walk to get some benefits though, literally just sitting outside is good for you.

  • Do something creative. This can be anything! I do love drawing (although before lockdown I hadn't done it in a long while), but if you don't then try something else. Photography is really fun and you can do so much on your phone! Try getting a phone macro lens off for some different effects (you can get really cheap ones from Amazon or Ebay. I also love home decoration, and this has been a time where I actually had some time to do it! (Even though being pregnant makes me a bit slow).

  • Do a home workout. Again, there are so many of these to choose from - you don't have to a super hardcore one! For me at the moment, I find pilates and stretching workouts really helpful, and I just find them all on YouTube. There are loads of videos on there so you can try a new one every day and never get bored. Personally I prefer to do shorter workouts so I don't give up, and then you can always do another if you want more.

  • Burn some incense. Or nice smelling candles - both work for me! I love when things smell nice, it makes me feel really calm. My favourite scents are things like cinnamon and vanilla, and basically anything that smells like a form of sugar!

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