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A day in the life of Oscar

One thing I have found so interesting and helpful as a new mum, is learning about what kind of routines people have with their babies! I wasn't sure at first if having a schedule would really work for me and Oscar, but his sleeping was so unsettled at night I thought I would give it a go and see if it helped.

To start with I had a look through some suggested baby timetables (just google your babies age and suggested timetables if you are interested), and weirdly they kind of matched up here and there with what Oscar was already doing, so it wasn't actually too hard to give things a nudge here and there and firm up things like nap and meal times. Although I already have a bedtime routine for Oscar, having a routine throughout the day has really helped to get Oscar's body clock working a bit better!

SO, in case anyone might be like to know, this is everything Oscar currently does in his day...

[note: Oscar is currently 9 months old (!!) and for all Oscar's timings I generally allow about half an hours wiggle room - but I don't get him out of bed any earlier than 7am]

6.45am: Wake up

7.00am: Breastfeed and morning cuddles - he is so cute and snuggly first thing.

7.30am: Nappy change. I do this after feeding because I tried doing first and Oscar was not okay with it at all.

8.00am: Breakfast! While I make this I put Oscar in his walker in the kitchen and he is completely absorbed in watching our chickens through the window.

8.30am: Reading time. At the moment Oscar's favourite book is 'Dinosaur Roar' - one of the Natural History Museum's children's books. He mainly likes it for the red button that makes roaring sounds, but I think he finds listening to me read okay too.

8.45am: Singing time! We love 'Little Baby Bum'. Oscar also does some standing practice using the sofa as a support.

8.55am: Nappy change (I always like to Change Oscar's nappy before a nap so he can have a fresh feeling bum).

9.15am: swaddle and put down to nap.

This first nap is usually about half an hour long, so gives me time to get dressed!

9.45am: Wake from nap and get ready to go out - this always takes longer than I think it will... Oscar has a problem with coats.

10am: Go out for a walk. I switch between front carrier, backpack and pram for this - Oscar is not overly fond of being put in anything, he either wants to walk himself or be carrier in my arms. However having a variety of carriers helps a bit, and he loves being outdoors.

11am: Biscuit and drink time (if we are on a long walk I give this to Oscar while we are out). Oscar loves his Kiddilicious Oat biscuits - they are sugar free! And for his drink he usually has some watered down juice.

11:15am: Playtime! Generally our remote features heavily in this, although I am trying to encourage Oscar to play with his toys. Sometimes I put Oscar in his ball pit so he gets some variety, and sometimes he goes in his jumper.

11:45am: Get ready for lunch - Oscar goes in his walker in the kitchen again while I make food.

12pm: Lunchtime. When we are at home Oscar has all his meals in his highchair in the dining room. When he eats I try and make sure I am having something too so he has a sense of having a meal together.

12.30pm: We have some more reading after lunch to digest and attempt to get Oscar to wind down a bit for his second nap.

12.40pm: Nappy Change

12.55pm: Swaddle and put down to nap

This second nap generally lasts about an hour and 45minutes at the moment.

2.45pm: Wake from nap and cuddles - Oscar is always so sleepy cute when he wakes. Also a bit cross until he gets some milk.

3pm: Breastfeed

3.10pm: playtime! After he has digested his milk a little I put him in his bouncer (if he is on board with that), and he sits in his ball pit for a bit.

4pm: go for a walk. Our local park has just re opened so some days we walk here and then Oscar goes on the swings!

5pm: dinner time

5.30pm: More playtime. I try and mix up the toys Oscar plays with each time so he gets some variety. Also he watches cbeebies for a bit while his bath is filling up.

6.15:pm bath time! Oscar loves his bath so much. He gets so excited as soon as he sees towels. In the bath we sing the songs we learnt in Little Baby Bums (well I do), and Oscar likes to slap the sides of the bath while he practices standing some more.

6.50pm: bedtime breastfeed

7 - 7.15pm: swaddle and put down for bed

Night time sleep is still a bit hit and miss with Oscar. He is managing to sleep through some nights but others not so much - I think his teeth are annoying him a lot at the moment! On the whole though his sleeping has been much better for getting into a routine.

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