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A picture perfect engagement

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Ian proposed to me in August 2018 and I still can't believe how perfectly he did it. He asked a photographer I work with to set up a fake photoshoot with me to do a romantic book cover. I had no idea he would propose in the middle of it!

The 'shoot' was at Rufford park in Sherwood forest, where we had our first date. And the 'scene' we were doing was a picnic underneath one of the park's oak trees.

You can't tell from the pictures, but it was just a tiny bit rainy - so there was no one else in the park, we had it all to ourselves. I hadn't been able to understand at all on the way to the park why Ian was so stressed about the weather. He isn't usually THAT thrilled about coming to shoots with me, I thought he would be happy the shoot might get cancelled!

He seemed super into this shoot though which I thought was so cute! He was handing me strawberries, and in between in each take I would turn around to get some movement in the shots.

On the last time I turned around, Ian was't holding a strawberry he was down on one knee with a ring! I cry now when I remember it because it was just the loveliest thing that he did for me. At the time though I really thought he was just joking and it was a prop for the shoot. I am sure that was very annoying for him.

He did convince me though and of course I said yes!

It really was the most perfect proposal, and on top of that I have the pictures to look back on. When we go back to Rufford now, I will always have this memory.

One of our local newspapers, The Bramley, featured our engagement!

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