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7 Baby Hacks for new mums!

Every baby is different, and you will find the things that work best for yours (and you!) These are just a few things that I have found really helpful with Oscar!

  1. Keep baby wipes literally everywhere. All around the house.

  2. Always have a change of clothes for you and baby when you go out - probably several! You will be sicked on, you will be dribbled on and probably pooped on.

  3. Use white noise. This has been so good for helping Oscar sleep! I just use YouTube - either to play classic white noise, or I have found traffic noises are also quite effective.

  4. Wear your baby. Oscar LOVES to be held, and I understand that is not unusual for a baby. He is getting slightly better at being put down for short bouts of time now, but certainly when he was very little, the only way I could get anything done was by wearing him in his Funki Flamingo baby wrap carrier - which he still loves now!

  5. Have lots of yummy snacks stocked up for energy. Whatever your favourite things are - preferably something that can be eaten fairly easily with one hand.

  6. When changing your baby pull out the frilly bit of the nappy round their legs, it helps to stop anything spilling out...

  7. Buy baby gro's with zips not buttons! This especially good when your baby is in a bad mood and getting dressed time needs to be as quick as possible.

(Image by Oh Baby Photography https://www.ohbabyphotography.co.uk/)

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