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Christmas Photo Drop

Wanted to share a few of our 2020 Christmas memories...

Oscar's first christmas is complete, and so is 2020! We had a really special small Christmas. Oscar didn't really know what was going on, but he loved the twinkly light, the scrunchy wrapping paper, and having daddy home all day.

Santa came through our village on a tractor and trailer on Christmas Eve, so we all went outside to see. Oscar couldn't believe his luck. It was loud, flashy and moving. Those are the best things in life as far as Oscar is concerned. And to top it off he got to ring some jingle bells - he has been missing his music classes (they stopped with lockdown) so we got him some bells of his own.

It was really lovely to have Christmas morning a together. It was a early start.. but Oscar had a lot of Christmas outfits to get through so it was just as well!

Oscar had SO many presents! We had a huge tree this year (too tall for our cottage but we squeezed it in), but by Christmas Day it was half hidden from all the boxes and bags. I loved opening them with him. We spread present opening throughout the day which was a really nice way to do it - it gave Oscar something fresh to play with each time. Our present to him was a ball pit that we hung his bouncer over and he just went crazy in! He so loves to feel his feet and is desperate to be walking now.

I loved our Christmassy fireplace! It made our living room so cosy and the perfect place to open stockings first thing - Oscar matched the Christmas vibes perfectly in his little elf outfit.

I managed to make a chocolate log! (ish) It wasn't very log shaped... But I think it still looked quite festive - mainly because I completely covered it in decorations - and it tasted good (plus was dairy free!). Ian isn't big on chocolate cake so I also made a christmas lemon cake.

On the subject of food, Oscar had his first Yorkshire Pudding! It went down pretty well, and kept him occupied for quite some time. His cute little reindeer outfit didn't stay white for that long though...

While Oscar napped in the middle of the day we had a bit of siesta, ate a lot of Christmas chocolate (tesco vegan truffles for the win), watched Christmas daytime tv and did foot masks.

We ended the day with a family zoom Christmas quiz which felt quite fitting for 2020 and although I am slightly sick of zoom it was really fun!

New Year was another night in, but I actually loved it. I think going out for New Years can be over rated. We ate pizza, mince pies and cake, watched a movie and sat in the hot tub. I fell asleep by about 11 but Ian woke me up for midnight. Weirdly Oscar slept through midnight despite all the fireworks! Unfortunately he didn't quite manage to continue sleeping till morning...

Maybe in 2021 Oscar will finally learn that you are supposed to sleep at night.

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