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Do it Yourself milk bath shoot

While I was pregnant, one thing I really wanted to do was a milk bath shoot! With lockdown though, the one I had booked in was cancelled - so instead, with the help of my sister, I had my own!

It really wasn't as difficult as I thought, and didn't take very long at all!

All you need is:

- a bath

- some milk (how much just depends on how milky/opaque you want the water to be, we used probably about 3 litres)

- fresh flowers and leaves

- sliced fruit (optional)

We collected and prepared the flowers and the fruit the morning of the shoot so they were as fresh as possible. You could use dried flowers, but I liked these for their brightness - try and get a range of colours for the best effect. For the fruit we used sliced oranges, but lemons would work just as well.

Step 1: Fill your bath with water - how much water you put in is really up to you. It depends how much of you you want to be submerged. For me, I wanted the water to be just high enough for my bump to pop out. We also found it worked best to get the temperature of the water right before adding anything else. You aren't going to be in there for ages, so it doesn't need to be too hot, and you don't want your milk to go funny! But also you don't want to be sat in freezing cold water.

Step 2: Add milk. Again, this depends on what colour you want your water to be, and this will also be affected by how much water you put in - the more water, the more milk you will need for a whiter effect. I wanted a fairly milky look.

Step 3: Get in the bath! Wearing your chosen outfit - I went with a plain bikini, but you could opt for a floaty dress, or go commando! If you do prefer to be wearing something though, I find that block colours work better in pictures than patterns. I also added a the dried flower tiara I had for my wedding.

Step 4: Add your flora and fauna. This bit is much easier if you have someone to do it for you! My sister placed the plants and fruit around me for best possible effect.

Step 5: Take your pictures! Try a range of angles - from above is very effective if you can get up high enough, and try shifting your body around to try and get different shapes. Take lots! It doesn't matter if some don't work, the more you take, the more you have to choose from.

Thats it! You can then crop/edit your pictures however you like. This was my favourite from the shoot we did:

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