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Holidays are Coming

It's Christmas this week! This year feels like it has gone in slow motion, but yet has disappeared so quickly.

Our decorations up so early this year which has been so lovely. We got our tree the last day of November - it wasn't quite up for the 1st December, but almost!! It is a perfect shape tree, if a little tall... I love that we are already collecting special baubles - we have a few from last year for our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs, and are now adding to them with 'Oscar's First Christmas' baubles. Oscar wasn't sure about the tree at first, he found it slightly scary (odd because he loves trees usually, but maybe thought it was a bit against nature to have one in the house), but he likes it now. Every morning I carry him over to stroke its branches and he loves to bop the baubles and make them swing about.

Under the tree, presents for Oscar are piling up slightly... I am so excited to open them with him on Christmas, even just to see how happy he is to rip up the paper and try and stuff it all in his mouth.

We have also hung stockings over our fireplace this year and it looks like an old fashioned Christmas movie - it makes me feel so cosy! Ian made our mantle out of an old railway sleeper and it suits the fire so perfectly. Also the perfect place to put up our cards - I am still late with sending ours out, although I have finally made a start. It always feels too early and then is suddenly too late.

I’ve always wanted to hang a wreath on our door and this year we finally managed it! Oscar is always so entranced by it every time we get to the door and reaches out for it.

Everyone in our village seems to have gone a bit mad for lights this year so we have joined in! Ian has lined the house with fairy light and it looks so pretty and twinkly! So beautiful to come home to when we've been out in the wet and cold.

For Oscar's 6 month birthday we took him to see Santa at White Post Farm! It was such a cute little set up with elves to greet us on the way, a nativity scene, giant snowmen and so many glittery bauble trees. By the time we got to Santa, Oscar had fallen asleep - he did wake up though with a little encouragement from his dad...

I love Christmas markets. I didn't think we would be able to go to any this year, but we were able to get tickets for a little one at the Engine Yard, Belvoir Castle. It was only small, but it was very sweet, and we arrived right at the beginning of our slot so there weren't too many other people while we went round. We got a little woven Santa dog for our mantelpiece and a load of vegan chocolate for me!

Oscar has a few Christmas outfits ready for him! I am so excited to out him in the little elf costume I got for him and do a little mini photoshoot. He is going to be the most adorable little elf.

Next on my list to do is some Christmas baking - if Oscar will let me! Mince pies and Christmas pudding are some of my favourite Christmas treats, and this year I also wanted to try making a chocolate log. Then we can put a selection out for Santa on Christmas Eve!

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