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I started painting again!

So before having Oscar (a little while before!) I used to paint. I studied fine art at university and for a while one of my strands of work was doing pop art dog portraits. It kind of petered out when I got into full time museum work as I just didn’t really have the time, and then with having Oscar I really didn’t think about fitting anything else in!

While we were in lockdown though my husband bought me a new painting table and set up a little studio area for me so I could do some drawing/painting whenever I might have the chance - which I thought would be never. As Oscar got more into a routine though (which included regular naps!) I found I did have a bit of time.

To start with I just really drew Ian and Oscar. Just simple line drawings and sketches to start with but then adding paint - but in a more illustrative style to my earlier pop art pieces. Eventually I posted some on my Instagram and someone asked if I might do a dog in that style… From there it started to grow!

Since then I’ve done a couple of fairs and exhibitions and have more planned this year! I also set up an Etsy shop but largely take my sales over social media! My Facebook page is PawsFourArt where I post much of my work, and I also share on my Instagram @elsamegan.

I have more planned for 2022 so do follow my channels for updates!

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