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Looking for wedding dress inspiration?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I've been modelling part time for around 9 years now - so long I can't believe it!! One of my favourite things to shoot is bridal, and I have been lucky enough to wear some really beautiful dresses. There are so many style options for wedding dresses now, if you are looking for something a little different to the traditional (although I do love a good tradition, and that look might be perfect for you and your wedding) there is so much to choose from.

One of the most talented people I know is Caroline Chamberlain. She designs and hand makes all of her dresses, so you will truly have an individual piece from her! You can visit her website here: https://www.carolinechamberlain.co.uk for more information, but below I will share some of the shoots and shows I have done with her and her dresses.

If you're going for a boho/vintage vibe for your wedding but still with a nod towards the traditional look, this dress is pretty much perfect. It is just so pretty and really was so comfortable to wear. The bouquet I am holding in the pictures was made by Lovebirds Vintage Weddings, and photographer was Kev Elkins: https://www.kevelkinsphotography.co.uk

This dress would also work really well for a boho vibe. It is graceful simplicity at its best, and again so easy and comfortable to wear. If you don't like the feel of the corset style wedding dresses definitely try this. Photo was taken at the Tailgate Wedding Fair by Harvey and Harvey Photography: find them on Facebook @HarveyandHarveyphotography

Below is maybe my favourite of Caroline's dresses that I have worn... It is so hard to choose! But this dress is 100% fairytale, borderline Disney, which is definitely my style. This dress does have a corset style top, but for me I still find this pretty comfortable - maybe because I am used to it, but also I think the dresses are so well made (and of course made to fit your body) that even though the corset style will be slightly more restrictive, it won't be uncomfortable.

These pictures were taken by Harvey and Harvey photography at Harlaxton Manor - which I have to say, is a really spectacular venue to get married if you are looking! It matched the dress so well for fairytale vibes, and looked like something out of a dream: https://www.harlaxton.co.uk

Make up for this shoot was by Alluring Make up Lincoln: https://www.alluringmakeup.co.uk

Poor long suffering Ian now also accompanies for some shoots! He pretends he doesn't like it, but I know he loves it really.

Here at the Bailgate Wedding Fair again, Ian is wearing a suit by Wise Guys: https://www.wiseguysmenswear.co.uk

I wanted to finish with something striking, and this dress is certainly that! If you're looking to make a steampunk statement this dress couldn't be more perfect.

I love the mixture of classic shape with unconventional material. This shoot took place at Lincoln Castle in the dungeons, which would also be a really cool venue for anyone going with this look.

Hair was by Barbarella's (find them on Facebook @BarbarellasLincoln) and photographer was Harvey and Harvey Photographers.

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