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My Virtual Baby Shower!

Having a baby shower was one of the things I thought I would just have to give up on during lockdown. But I was wrong! With the help of my family I was able to have a socially distanced baby shower experience, which was just as fun, and actually probably meant more of the people I wanted to be there were able to take part as it didn't matter where in the world they were.

My sister sent out e invitations and organised the shower through Facebook, and then we did the actual hosting over Zoom from our nursery which we decorated for the occasion!

It was so cute! We set up a comfy space on the floor to sit and started off the shower with some games before opening presents. If you're looking to do a virtual shower, I would really recommend Pinterest for games ideas! There are so many you can choose from, a few of the ones we did were:

  • Guess who the baby is: everyone sends a baby picture of themselves to the host before hand, and then on the day everyone tries to match the baby to the guest.

  • Who is more likely: questions for the parents to be, sit back to back for the answers.

  • Guess the food: mum to be is blindfolded and has to guess what various foods are after they have been mashed up - my sister also put the foods on nappies!

Alongside the games we had a grazing table to nibble on - I currently cannot go that long without eating! We kept this really simple: nibbles and dips, pizza, chips, my mum made some cheesy ducks (normal for Ian and vegan for me!), and then to top it off my sister had ordered for me some vegan cupcakes - woodland themed to match our nursery!

They were so yummy! My favourites were the cookie dough flavour, and I loved the little mushroom decorations, they were so perfect. if you fancy getting some for yourself visit https://www.billiesveganbakes.co.uk There are so many (all vegan) sweet treats to fit any occasion we will definitely be going back for more!

Although we weren't exactly pros at using zoom (there were times when we realised no one could hear anything we were saying and so had to mute all our guests), the shower worked and was so special! It was so lovely to be able to see all our friends and family in such a strange time and to celebrate together.

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