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New Year Goals

I prefer goals to resolutions - they feel more friendly. I don’t think I’ve actually made resolutions for quite a few years (probably because I am not very good at keeping them and then it feels a bit pointless), but I thought having a few achievable goals could be a really positive thing!

So these are my goals for 2021:

1. Read a book. I could probably make this read several books but I didn’t want to set the bar too high... I realised I haven’t read a book since having Oscar and I want to make time to change that! I thought this would be impossible but actually I’ve just switched up some time from being on my phone in the evenings to reading, and it has felt so good! Oscar is also very much enjoying his reading...

2. Do yoga every morning. Just 5 minutes of it! I used to love doing lovely long relaxing yoga sessions, but they are just not practical for me at all now. BUT 5 minutes is manageable. I found some super short videos on YouTube and I do one while Oscar has his morning nap. It hives me a really positive feeling at the beginning of the day (sort of beginning, Ive been up with Oscar for several hours by this point).

3. Start drawing/painting again. I started starting drawing again while I was pregnant but while Oscar was really little I couldn’t keep it up. Now he is more regular with his naps though I‘m hoping to fit it back in - probably not every day (there is only so much napping time to do everything) but every week maybe doable!! My favourite thing to draw at the moment is Ian’s face! I keep trying Oscar but he is too hard.

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