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Occupying Oscar

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Oscar is now four months old!! And he does not have an off switch.. We have been blessed with the most active baby that ever there was, and the majority of my life is now spent trying to keep him entertained - the rest is cleaning his bum and attempting to get him to sleep.

These are just a few of the things that I do to keep him occupied...

Oscar likes to stand. Except he cannot stand, so my arms now get a daily workout enabling him to do this. He also very much enjoys being launched into the air and occasionally being dangled upside down. A downside of these activities is that Oscar enjoys them so much, once you start you are not allowed to stop - he will immediately cry. We are working on this.

Tummy time is something I keep trying with Oscar. How much he enjoys it is very variable.. he much prefers to be on his back! However I have found that if there is enough interesting stuff around he is more tolerable of it. Oscar loves being outside, so if the weather is good enough this is the best place to do it! If not though, I have a little baby gym for him that occasionally he decides is worth lifting his head for.

Oscar is such a little water baby, I take him swimming all the time! We go to an aqua babies class every week as well as family swim a few times - where he spends most of the time staring at the other people in the pool, especially the older children when the splash about. A bonus of swimming is that afterwards Oscar will usually have a nap!!

I also give Oscar a bath every night before bed. He has his own little tub that he can now (to his delight) sit up in unaided, and has been doing some serious splashing.

I walk with Oscar A LOT. He adores his funky flamingo wrap and it is so comfortable to wear - he is only a few months old in this picture, but it still feels so snuggly even now he is bigger

I do also have another carrier that is a bit more rucksack like and can be made front facing - as soon as I figure out how to do that I think Oscar will love being able to look ahead of us!

We do also sometimes go out with his pram - Oscar does prefer to be worn, but he allows the pram sometimes.

As I mentioned, Oscar is desperate to stand and feel his feet! He is now big enough (just!) to go in his jumperoo. He can't quite make it move properly yet - he just sort of thrusts himself backwards every now and then - but for a short while he is just happy to be standing of his own accord. The little tray is also really good for putting various things on for him to play with, although the main thing he usually does is fling them across the room for me to fetch.

Now Oscar is a little older, he is intrigued by everything and always looking around. He as an array of baby seats now, so I can sit him up wherever I am in the house and he can watch me. The one he is in here is a bumbo (I just have blanket over it here because it was a bit chilly first thing!).

He likes bright rooms and preferably to be near a window - especially one with a view of some greenery.

This is in our kitchen and Oscar sits here now while I eat breakfast!

So that is a little snapshot of some of the things I'm doing with Oscar at he moment to keep his head and hands happy. It is so cute as Oscar gets older to watch him discovering and learning new things, although he gets bored so easily! I am forever having to think up more exciting things for him to do and look at. He is rarely satisfied with any one thing for very long... my tactic is to rotate activities on a 10/15 minute basis!

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