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Oscar’s first birthday

Very late in posting this but still wanted to share because I loved Oscar’s first birthday party so much!! It was pretty much just family and a few of our close friends - we were still being a bit cautious after lockdown and Oscar hadn’t had a chance to make many of his own friends yet!

We were blessed with amazing weather so were able to have the whole thing outdoors, and of course we went with the farm theme!

With it being so hot we set up a pool - which is a great idea if you have the space. Oscar (and everyone else) could go for a paddle or just splash his hands in to get a bit cool.

We got pretty much all of our decorations from Amazon - just search farm birthday and loads comes up! We also reused a few bits from our wedding like bunting.

We popped all Oscar’s presents in a wheelbarrow ready for him to open. Our main present to him was a sand and water table! Perfect for the summer and he loved it.

We tried to spread present opening over the course of the party because Oscar gets a bit bored opening too many in one go!

We laid pallets on the floor covered with a cloth to make an Oscar height table! He loved being able to reach for food himself - we had lots of nibbly bits (Oscar is obsessed with hummus) my mum made mini quiches and my sister made the birthday cake!

We did also have another adult height table for those who didn’t want to get down so low! (And good for putting the things we didn’t want Oscar to be able to reach).

It was a really perfect day! Only a couple of hours for the party but Oscar was so tired by the end of it!! He was truly spoilt and it was a lovely way for some of our family to meet him for the very first time.

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