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Oscar’s First Halloween

So Oscar is having some strange firsts -Halloween this year was a little different than it usually is.. But we were still able to do some really fun things with Oscar and make it special!

This year was all about the pumpkins!

We always carve pumpkins for Halloween, but I’ve never gone pumpkin picking and I really wanted to take Oscar. We went to Ashover Pumpkins in Derbyshire and it was just the cutest!

There was a little hay bale set up at the entrance to the pumpkin field where you could take pictures (which Oscar looked very cross for) and a stand for hot drinks. And I loved all the little signs!

Then we could wander through the fields to pick our pumpkin.

I wanted one big enough to fit Oscar! We eventually found one that looked an appropriate size (i.e. the biggest one we could find) and loaded it up - I wasn’t involved with that part but I am told it was very heavy.

Once we got it home we carved out the middle and made some leg holes, and it was the perfect baby holder - Oscar was very obliging (and slightly bewildered), and allowed me to take a few hundred pictures of him like this.

Oscar’s first Halloween costume was just the cutest!

Keeping with the theme, on the day of Halloween I dressed Oscar up in a little pumpkin costume, while we carved more pumpkins. Oscar very much enjoyed sticking his hands in the gooey pumpkin innards.

I love carving pumpkins, and once they were done we turned off the lights and lit them up for Oscar to see (he is a big fan of lights).

Oscar has also now started trying a few solid foods, so of course he had a little bit of pumpkin! - although he wasn’t that impressed with it... He did enjoy all the little mini pumpkins I found for some seasonal decorations though.

One of my favourite things about Halloween is eating lots of yummy food. So once Oscar had gone to bed, we had a little seasonally themed graze board - I roasted the seeds we had taken from the pumpkins!

Hopefully next year we will be able to take Oscar to some more Halloween events, and I am excited to take him trick or treating - and to plan his next costume!!

It was really lovely though to have this first Halloween staying in at home just the three of us.

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