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Oscar’s routine update!

Oscar is now 21 months old and routine has changed a bit since I last posted about it so thought it was time for an update!

7.15 Wake up

7.30 Nappy change before we go downstairs. If Oscar let’s me I also get him dressed but otherwise I do that after breakfast!

8.00 Breakfast time. Oscar has finished breastfeeding now (we stopped naturally at about 12 months when he just gradually stopped being really bothered about it and just eats lots!). Oscar’s favourite breakfast at the moment is cereal - wheat crunchies and sultanas!

8.30 - 9.00 I usually put some kiddie programs on for him to watch while I get dressed and put bits together that we need to go out for the morning. Right now Oscar is loving Bluey, Tractor Ted and Peppa Pig

9.30 If it’s a day when Oscar is not in nursery this is when we usually go out to a class! On Mondays we go to the library and then swimming and on Fridays to Toddle Bops which is a music and activity class.

12.00 lunch time! We generally get home around 11.30ish from classes so Oscar has a bit of play time while I get his lunch ready and then we eat together. (I usually just have a snack and then eat more when Oscar naps because he just steals my food).

1pm - 3pm nap time. Lucky for me Oscar generally sleeps like clockwork! He has a solid 2 hours every afternoon so I can get anything I need to do done!

3/3.30pm wake up and snack time.

4pm Go for a walk (if it’s okay weather!). We are lucky where we live I am able to take Oscar past quite a few animals on our walk and there is a little park we end up at! If the weather is rubbish we have indoor play.

5.30pm Dinnertime

6.00pm Evening cartoons/playtime depending on what Oscar feels like. His favourite thing to watch at this time is In the Night Garden.

7.00pm bathtime

7.20pm Read books, cup of milk and get ready for bed

7.30/8.00pm bed

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