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Pregnant in Lockdown

I never imagined that during my pregnancy we would find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. When we shared our news with the world on New Years Day 2020, we were blissfully unaware of what was to come.

When we first heard of the existence of the Corona virus I thought it sounded terrifying - basically like an incurable plague that would spread across the world. But to begin with, no one seemed to be all that worried, and I was consoled by the idea of it being so far away from us.

Things seemed to change very suddenly though, and I think that is what I found the hardest. It went from nothing much at all to mass panic!

In a very short space of time I went from being out all day: going to work, the gym, shops...etc to being home 24/7.

It took a little time to adjust, but I am slowly sort of getting used to this strange new circumstance.

I have always loved where we live, but the Coronavirus has made me appreciate it all the more. It is really very easy to go out and be in big green open spaces. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to live in a city at this time.

Another positive I have found, is that I have been forced to slow my life down, which is something I am not that great at usually - I don't like to feel lazy! But especially now, I am finding my body is grateful for the change in pace.

I think a lot of people are always rushing, even when just going for a walk. Now when I go out, I take my time (I don't have a lot of choice, I can't move all that fast at the moment), and you notice so much more of what is around you!

Even when the weather is a bit grim I will still go out. Just being outside is very calming.

I also have the time now to do creative projects, which I haven't done in so long! I am slowly remembering how to draw - I had forgotten how therapeutic this can be. Even if you think you can't draw, you definitely can, you just have to find your style. I find blind drawing is a really good way to start, because there is no pressure - draw your subject without once looking down at the paper, and see what lines you find.

Now that I am in my third trimester we had thought at this point we would be going to classes, meeting other parents to be, visit the maternity suites...etc It can't quite happen like that now though.

But we have been overwhelmed by the support people have given us. Some of our friends with little ones have been in touch to offer help and guidance, our neighbours left us a package of baby grows and blankets on our doorstep, I now have a pile of baby advice books (Ian's favourite) and we are signed up to an online class!

It is frustrating to not be able to go out and browse ALL the baby things - I had just started to wander up and down all the cutesy aisles with my sister. But looking online is still fun, and there isn't anything that we have found we really can't get that we need.

We did a little themed shoot at home for Easter which was SO fun! Ian is thinking of maybe making the rabbit a permanent tattoo...

It was so lovely to have Ian home for the day and it was a really cute way to mark the holiday - even though it was just another day at home for me!

We didn't actually have any face paints so just used make up - it is amazing how hard it is to get lipstick off your tummy.

I still find it a really strange time to be living in, especially being pregnant. But I find just taking things one day at a time is the best! It also helps to remember there are so many people going through the same thing as us, and that new healthy babies are still being born every day.

I am now 33 weeks - so not so long to go now!

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