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Styling Family Photos!

I LOVE pictures - taking them, having them taken, making albums and photo books. I think they are just so important in keeping memories safe, and especially now that we have Oscar my collection of family photos is growing at a slightly alarming rate... I'm at peace with it though.

You don't always need to style your family pictures - I take loads of ad hoc ones when we're out an about that can end up being some of my favourites. But sometimes it is fun to plan and style shoots! Here are some of the things that I like to do for ours:

  1. Get inspired! I love Pinterest for this - its useful if you have a photographer, as you can create a board to share with them. Instagram is also good, just search family picture hashtags to see what other people have done.

  2. Choose a vibe/theme. This doesn't mean you all have to be in costume (although you can if you want, that would be a really cool halloween family picture idea!), more just if you want for example a particularly seasonal look, or indoorsy/cosy feel, or your looking to get some active shots. This can then inform where you want to take the pictures, leading on to my next tip...

  3. Choose a location. This will be informed by your vibe! So if say you want an autumnal feel to your pictures, an outdoor location with lots of trees/vegetation with orangey leaves would make a great backdrop.

  4. Choose your outfits. This is a really fun part. You can either go full on matchy matchy (which can look really cute) or you can co ordinate instead - so maybe pick a colour scheme and everyone wears variations on this. Its a good idea to have some different textures and patterns, so maybe one person wears a check shirt and another wears a knitted cardigan. This will add some depth to your photos!

  5. Keep it simple! Not everyone is super comfortable around a camera, so a home shoot can be a great option if you can find a photographer who will come to you. You don't have to go anywhere (takes away the getting somewhere on time stress) and being somewhere familiar can help to get more natural pictures.

Hiring a photographer isn't an option for everyone, and you can get some lovely photos yourself - Amazon has lots of selfie stands/timers for phones so you don't even need a fancy camera.

BUT if you can, on occasion I would definitely recommend having a photographer. Often they will see things you wouldn't have thought to capture, and it means everyone gets to be in the picture! They can help direct you with poses (if you want) and it can be a really fun family activity capturing some special memories. Look through photographers' galleries to find someone with a style that suits you - below I will list some photographers I have worked with recently and would definitely recommend!

Hailwood Photography


Instagram: @hailwoodphoto

Facebook: Elizabeth Hailwood Photography - Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Natalie Lauren Photography


Instagram: @natalielaurenphotography

Facebook: Natalie Lauren Photography

Oh Baby Photography


Instagram: @ohbabyphotog

Facebook: Oh Baby Photography

Georgi Mabee Photography


Instagram: @georgimabee

Facebook: Georgi Mabee Photography

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