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Super simple Nutri bullet smoothie

I love smoothies! They are such an easy way to get a load of your five a day in one go. I know they can be high in sugar though, so for this one I use ice and oat milk to try and combat that a little and make it super creamy! I make in my Nutri bullet (definitely one of the best presents Ian has got me!) but you could make in any blender that has enough power.


- one medium banana

- half a can of tinned fruit, I use either peaches or pineapple

- half a cup of ice

- one medium peeled carrot (I guess you can use with the skin if you want and just wash it, but I prefer to peel)

- about a quarter cup of orange juice

- about a quarter cup of oat milk

Optional: any superfood powders you want to add. I don't, because I don't have any at the moment!

Put all the ingredients in together - I literally put them in my Nutri bullet in that order so the harder ingredients are nearest the blade. I don't know if you have to do that, it just makes sense to me and it has worked overtime so far so I keep doing it - also it looks pretty!

Then just blend! It usually only takes about 2 minutes when I do it. Doesn't matter if you do it for longer, but I have found that if you blend for too long it starts to lose the thickness.

Then you have a smoothie! My Nutri bullet comes with various cups that you use for blending and can then put a lid on so I just drink it straight out of that. Note, this is quite a large smoothie, so you could share it if you wanted (or just half the ingredient amounts). I am just really hungry in the morning so I have it all with my breakfast!

So easy and so yummy!

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