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Two ingredient pancakes for little ones

Oscar has had his first pancake day! I love pancakes so much!! I was so excited for Oscar to try his first one. BUT I am always so nervous when Oscar is trying new foods (although he has been doing so well, and my fear of him chocking is residing very slightly). This pancake recipe combines two foods he has tried before, is super easy and the pancakes it makes are very soft and easy work for little gums.

The recipe below makes about 6 little pancakes (depending on how big you make them). I made them in the morning and then Oscar had a couple of them with his breakfast and the rest for snacks throughout the day and pudding! If you want more just double up!


- One medium banana

- One medium egg


Mash up the banana, whisk the egg and combine the two. Then fry in a pan with some oil. Thats it!

I gave these to Oscar just as they are (after they had cooled), but you could try topping with peanut butter and cinnamon.

[Note: The main thing for these to work is that you need to use enough oil, or the pancakes don't hold together. I've tried making them with spray oil before and they just fell apart. You also need to make sure the oil is hot before you put the pancake mixture in so it starts cooking straight away.]

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