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Welcome to the world baby Oscar!

On the 13th June 2020 baby Oscar came into the world. He arrived in the early hours of the morning, just before 3am, weighing in at 9lb 4!

Photo by Millie at Oh Baby Photography

Lockdown was still in place when I went into labour, but giving birth in a pandemic wasn't so bad. Ian wasn't allowed into the birthing suite until I was in active labour, and I didn't want to wait in there on my own, so we stayed together wandering the hospital corridors until it was time - a lot harder than it sounds when you are having contractions every 3 minutes!

Once we had our own room I was much happier, and I had the best birth partner I could ever have asked for! There were definitely moments when I felt like there was no way I could carry on, but Ian made me believe I could do it.

Throughout my pregnancy, I had found it hard to get my head round the idea that a tiny creature was growing inside of me. Until we had our first scan, I really thought I was maybe just getting a bit fat. After a while I got used to being pregnant, but I still couldn't imagine a baby. It was only when the little bundle of limbs was placed on my belly that Oscar became a reality!

After Oscar had arrived, we thought Ian would have to leave the hospital, but he was allowed to stay with us for the remainder of the night. It was so special to have our first morning as a family together.

Ian couldn't come to the maternity ward with us, but I only stayed in hospital for the day and then he was back to take us home!

We are so in love with our little creation (although we are now quite sleep deprived!). Every day his personality grows a little more - at 6 weeks old he gave us his first real smile, and no one can get enough of his gurgly baby giggles.

Two have become three!

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