• Elsa

Baby Luna is here!

Oscar’s little sister finally arrived on 3rd April 2022 - almost two weeks overdue! She weighed in at 8’8 so a little smaller than her brother (which I was quite happy about!),

I was so worried Oscar would not be overly happy about her arrival - in the weeks before her arrival every mention of his little sister coming out to meet him soon was met with a resounding ‘no’…

But Oscar has taken to brotherhood really well! Although he does sometimes get a bit frustrated with how much time I now spend sitting and feeding Luna, he will come over and give her little hugs, and makes suggestions for me of things to try when she is crying 😂

We had this home shoot with Inny Photography (https://www.inny-photography.co.uk/) when Luna was just a week old! Inny was so great - especially with Oscar who isn’t always the most co operative... And we love the final pictures!

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